The Moku of Hawaii Nui

Diverse landscapes, numerous climatic zones and a feel for open spaces and the country life drive many real estate seekers to the Big Island. Not as crowded or busy as Oahu nor flashy and trendy as Maui, the Big Island has a bit of all islands plus more. There are several districts or moku on… Read More »

The Ahupuaa of Kauai

Almost a perfect circle, Hawaii’s Garden Island is what many in vision as a classic tropical island with an abundance of rainforests, waterfalls and numerous white sand beaches. Kauai is this and much more. Located at the center of the island and known by many as the wettest spot on earth, Mount Waialeale is not… Read More »

Fancy homes in Maui – Luxury proprieties in Maui

Every major city in Hawaii had started to build many luxury homes. Over the years people started to realize that Hawaii has great potential. And that it deserves to invest massively in it. Who did that did not regret it. In Maui you can find some of the world’s finest luxury homes. Here you can… Read More »

The Poipu real estate market

Image via Wikipedia The Poipu real estate market, part of the larger Kauai housing market, has seen an increase in condominium sales despite a relative stasis in single family home sales. According to an October 5, 2010 article from Pacific Business News, “Condominium sales on Kauai rose substantially in September, while the number of single-family… Read More »

Surfing in Hawaii

Image via Wikipedia Surfing was a central part of ancient Polynesian culture.  Historically, the chief was often the most skilled wave rider in the community and rode the best board made from the best tree.  Today, while surfing is no longer a status symbol, the sport indigenous to Hawaii has been spread around the world,… Read More »